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At Christian Websites, we don’t have all the answers but we can certainly direct you to the websites of the best businesses in town. A righteous life starts with the neighbors you keep and the business you patronize. We strive to set you on the brightest of paths.

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Local Businesses Keeping Cool

I hope you are having a blessed week and surviving this crazy heat wave. I’ve been enjoying my air conditioning now more than ever and thankfully I’ve had the time to stop into a few businesses with nice cool AC for their customers including one while we were out of town on a tracking down some property that knew how to keep cool when temperatures REALLY rise.

First up this week is another realtor, this time selling San Clemente CA homes because you know how much we care about making sure our parishioners are living in a happy, warn, beautiful place. This realtor is one a quintessential representation of beach living. He and his beautiful family call San Clemente home themselves and he loves helping people find their own slice of paradise. Compared to every coastal city in the United States, I would wager to say that San Clemente is the most relaxed and attractive. Homeowners who are ready for a coastal home without the excessive pomp and circumstance of some neighbors to the North need look no further. The unholy boisterousness of some of the communities in Northern OC can cloud the path to happiness with their material mindsets. San Clemenete is preoccupied enjoying the surf, the stunning ocean views and delicious local taco shops to concern itself with gaudiness. This gentleman is one of the best realtors in San Clemente be sure to check out his new Yelp page.


Next up we wanted to feature someone not in Calfornia currently but someone we met on a trip to take care of a property issue that is still worth giving a look. If you or any of your family members have any land in Texas and are interested in knowing if its worth more than just a plot of grazing cowpatty land, you’ll need a mineral rights expert more commonly referred to as a Landman. Land managers are a bit like real estate agents for below ground exploration and minerals like oil and gas. Turns out our awful ugly little plot happened to be sitting atop some very valuable oil shale. The energy company that wanted to lease the rights from us was trying to buy the stars for a sickle so we did the smart thing and talked to a landman to help guide us through the process and make sure our assets were protected. This landman in West Texas went the extra mile every step of the way even when the negotiations got a little heated over the surface rights ownership terms. The whole thing was a bit over my head but he sure put our concerns to bed. Feel free to check out his American Landman Facebook page for updates on the oil and gas industry and the best possible times to buy, sell or lease your property.americanlandmanlogoONLY



Last up this week is just a quick reference to last week’s new beauty supply store. They are undergoing big renovations for their October 24th Grand opening! Make sure to mark your calendar!

They are at:

Newport Beauty

369 E 17th St, #3, Costa Mesa, CA

(949) 642-8910


I hope you all have a blessed week and get a chance to work with the tremendous folks we met this week. Enjoy your life and keep cool in this heat! See you next week.

Back up and loving our new location

So today is just going to be a quick check-in and a few businesses you should check out in the area because we are still unpacking but there’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it.

Southern California has been very good to our perish between the sunshine and beaches, our parishoners have never been happier and prosperity is all around us. We certainly have found our share of shifty eyed tradesmen and skimpy sauced restaurants but for the most part – we seem to be blessed with bright, helpful people with burgeoning businesses that bloom at the sight of new connections.

1st up this week is a studio offering babysitting and yoga in tustin.  The owner is a wonderful woman who is passionate about what she does and hires only top notch instructors to help teach her classes. Best of all they offer babysitting so parents looking to get their lives back in balance can bring the little ones along. There are even yoga classes specifically for kids. Be sure to check Yoga2 out on facebook and yelp as well.

Best Tustin Yoga Studio

2nd is our long time favorite real estate agent in town. She and her team never cease to go the extra mile to make the home buying process that much more enjoyable. It helps that they have the most beautiful inventory in the world to work with. From homes in Aliso Viejo down to property in Laguna Hills and everywhere in between, you could not pick a more bless’d land to settle.

Our final favorite business this week is a new salon offering beauty supplies in Costa Mesa. Thanks to Stacy the oldest beauty salon in Newport/Costa Mesa -formerly Bod- is back up and running. They are undergoing very ambitious renovations to make for a beautiful grand opening later this October. They have quite a few hard to find beauty supplies at prices better than any of the department stores at Fashion Island or South Coast. Beyond just supplies they also have several salon stations and hair supply products to get you looking and feeling top of your game. Do Not miss their grand opening later this month!

Newport Beauty

Best Beauty Supply and Salon in Newport / Costa Mesa


That’s all for your local reviews this week. Be sure to take shake these folks hands and know that you are in good company. Have a blessed week!