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Date Submitted: 02/22/10 (Edited 05/18/10)
Description: We are a Protestant Christian international, prophetic worship arts, trans-denominational, cross-cultural, non-profit ministry. The ministry family is comprised of faithful, dedicated, devoted volunteers. We are sustained through faithful prophetic intercessory prayers and supported by financial offerings and gifts (2 Cor. 2:17; 1 Sam. 30:24-25). We encourage you to visit our web sites for more information:

Ministry Purpose is to encourage, impart and teach all believers to enter into a deeper, more intimate relationship with GOD the FATHER, JESUS CHRIST the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT through worshipping in SPIRIT and in TRUTH! (John 4:24) JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH!

Ministry Passion is to see the GLORY of GOD Cover the Earth! Embrace the Earth! Permeate the Earth! Take over the Earth!

Mission Statement is to encourage, edify and exhort the body of Christ to worship ELOHIM (Father God, Jesus Christ/Yeshua and Holy Spirit) in spirit and in truth!
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